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"Everyone is beautiful to someone" -Kevin Aucoin.

She Wolf is a certified Microstroking and Makeup business based in Oakland, CA run by- Elicia Battaglia- a Bay Area transplant from Wisconsin. She holds a Microstroking certificate from Daria Churpys Permanent Makeup Academy, in Beverly Hills, CA, and a diploma in Makeup Design for Television and Film from the Vancouver Film School, where she studied the fundamentals of beauty makeup, classic decade looks, three dimensional prosthetics and character developement.

Since 2004, she has found her passion for beauty and expression manifest in the bridal world, personalized beauty lessons, the fashion industry, film, theater, special effects and now cosmetic tattooing. She has worked on projects in New York City, Chicago, Wisconsin, Washington, and California.

Her clients have included notable figures in the industry such as photographer Annie Leibovitz and designer Traver Rains. She was given an award by Clive Barker for her SPFX makeup at the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear— among others.

Her most recent project, She Wolf, is the culmination of all of her passions and talents. She Wolf endeavors to inspire confidence in an individual’s personalized beauty standards– discovering new methods of makeup and style, owning a unique aesthetic, and instilling confidence to explore great beauty found beyond the conventional.

She encourages all to follow the She Wolf maxim: Be your own kind of beauty.